Are there really any men out there who would arrange a surprise proposal like this? This video we discovered could well be the greatest proposal we’ve ever seen – it’s almost too cool to watch.

Check out how Mari-chan’s man popped the question – using everything from a dance routine to a holographic projection of his own head – after the jump.

For many women in Japan, the pressure (and often desire) to get married grows exponentially as they approach 30. My friends who are around 30 years old and living in the west aren’t as impatient about getting married, but even they agreed that if they lived in Japan they’d definitely be feeling the itch about now. According to 2013 data from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the average age of Japanese brides is 29, which is not especially young – it’s on par with North America and Europe, in fact – but even so many women in Japan approaching the big three-oh start to grown concerned that it might never happen for them, and dream of how it might.

So it should come as no surprise that proposals are especially important for a lot of thirty-something Japanese. Timo’s proposal to Mari-chan here wasn’t just a surprise, it was a performance that went far beyond simply getting down on one knee and flashing a ring – and it certainly took Mari-chan’s breath away.

I’ve watched this video so many times, and every time I feel so moved that it hurts. I hope this video gets spread everywhere, and surprises like this become a common thing! Am I right, guys? If you were proposed to like this, wouldn’t you be absolutely over the moon?







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