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The future doesn’t seem all that far away anymore, especially with tablets, 3D TVs and the advent of hoverboards, as predicted in Back to the Future Part II. But it’s not just Hollywood movies that gave us a glimpse of what was to come. If we take a step back and review certain classic anime, we see some hints and foreshadowing of things that we either have todayor soon will.

The guys over at nerdy-cool fandom website Dorkly, compiled a video list of 5 Times Anime Predicted the Future, doing a great job of picking out some startlingly accurate predictions and possible inspirations. It could have been premonition, it could have been that vital element that inspired today’s scientists. Either way, it’s pretty cool, if not creepy at times.

▼ While you’ve probably encountered many of these anime before, you may not have connected the dots to modern-day technology.

1. Dragon Ball Z predicted Google Glass

While the DBZ scouter offers some features our meager Google Glass can’t do yet, most notably measuring your opponent’s power levels, they do share communication and GPS tracking abilities, and both have a camera feature. Then there is, of course, the “makes you look like a tremendous tool” aspect.

▼ Scouter might be cooler than Google Glass though…

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2. Dennō Coil predicted both Augmented Reality (AR) and Bitcoin

Dennō Coil, based in 2026, follows some kids who live in a half-real, half Internet city full of holograms. Their headsets are not far off from what have been sprouting up in the tech world recently, such as Microsoft HoloLens and castAR. As Tom in the video puts it, these are “digital headsets [that] digitally modify the look of your surroundings,” or, in Microsoft’s words, “Your digital world is blended with your real world,” which is basically the same concept as in Dennō Coil.

▼ Microsoft HoloLens still seems pretty futuristic.

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The kids in Dennō Coil also use a virtual currency called Metabugs that is not unlike our “real-life” Bitcoin. It’s hard to call this a far-reaching prediction though, since Bitcoin appeared on the scene in 2008 and Dennō Coil only debuted in 2007.

▼ We wonder if anyone gets as excited about Bitcoins as they do about Metabugs.

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3. Macross Plus created the first virtual idol

We hate to say it, but wildly popular virtual idol Hatsune Miku was not the first of her kind. Back in 1994, the futuristic anime Macross Plus featured the galaxy-wide pop-star Sharon Apple. While it didn’t take us until 2040, when the anime is set, to create and bring Miku into the spotlight, she is not quite as well-known on the other side of the galaxy as she is here on Earth. Well, not yet at least.

▼ Sharon Apple has a slightly wider audience.


4. AKIRA predicted both the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and police brutality!

In the 1988 cyberpunk thriller Akira, the 2020 Olympics were held in Neo-Tokyo, and real-life Tokyo is currently gearing up to host the real Olympics in 2020. Weird! This one’s eerily accurate. We just hope the third world war that creator Katsuhiro Otomo predicted doesn’t actually break out in the meantime.

▼ Another interesting, but sad, reality shared with Akira is the existence of police states and the level of police brutality against citizens.

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5. Countless anime foresaw robot dogs.

Robots in general have been featured in all kinds of futuristic media for years and years, often in the form of animated robot dogs and other animals.

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It may have seemed silly at the time, but the robot builders at Boston Dynamics, do not find robot dogs silly, so they invented some real-life robot dogs. About time!

A lot of these modern tools may have seemed way out there when they were created in anime (or other fiction), but it was only a matter of time until technology caught up. Now, we just want to know how long until robot cat-friends like Doraemon make an appearance in the real world. We could really use an Anywhere Door!

Source: YouTube(Dorkly) via Dorkly, Microsoft
Images/Videos: Screenshots from YouTube(Dorkly), Microsoft, Wikia Macross (Fireminer), (Boston Dynamics)