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Last month, we took a sneak peek at some of the fashion items set to go on sale this month when Tokyo department store Isetan opens its limited-time boutique of high-class Sailor Moon apparel. February’s announcement was filled with girlish purses, wallets, and watches, and with just days to go before the store opens, the lineup of new Sailor Moon clothing has been revealed, as well as the three brands participating in the collaboration.

Each new iteration of the animated Sailor Moon franchise gets a slightly changed title, going from the original, plain old Sailor Moon, to Sailor Moon R, S, SuperS, Sailor Stars, and now Crystal. Similarly, for a brief time last year, you could find the Girls Love Mode-Let’s Prism Power Make Up store inside the Shinjuku branch of Isetan, but this year, the boutique is getting a sequel with a new name.

March 25 will be opening day for the 2015 version of the shop, Girls Sparkle Love~Let’s Prism Power Make Up! This time around, Japanese fashion labels Honey Bunch, Secret Honey by Honey Bunch, and Riccimie Premiere Salon are contributing designs to what’s turned out to be a very extensive catalogue. So clear out some closet space, and let’s dive right into what awaits fans of both stylish clothing and classic anime, starting off with the collection from Honey Bunch.

▼ The 21,600-yen (US$182) denim jacket may not appear anime-inspired at first, but a closer look at the button reveals the familiar Crystal Star motif.

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▼ Ditto for the button on this 17,280-yen skirt, which also features crescent moons on its back pockets and lace trim with the marks of all the inner Sailor Senshi.

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▼ Also available in white, this 15,120-yen frill lace blouse has a subtle crescent moon on the front of the collar, and a crystal on the back.

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▼ This 18,360-yen zip-up hoodie, which also comes in white, has kitties on the sleeve, a bold crescent moon zipper ornament, and a same-color Crystal Star design on the hood you almost have to squint to make out.

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▼ 24,830-yen dresses are a little short on Sailor Moon references, but have plenty of femininity.

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▼ This 21,600-yen dress is covered in Tuxedo Mask top hats.

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▼ The same pattern is seen on these 15,120-yen skirts.

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▼ Puffy-sleeved 8,640-yen tops in pink or white with Sailor Moon SuperS’ Pegasus.

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Next up, the items from Secret Honey.

▼ Plenty of cute kitties on these 30,240-yen dresses.

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▼ The two-tone version has slightly different detailing but the same price.

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▼ Masks, Moon Sticks, ribbons, and roses on these 21,600-yen blouses

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▼ The matching skirts sell for 22,680 yen.

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▼ Sailor silhouettes adorn the trim of this 36,720-yen top and 49,680-yen skirt.

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▼ Pegasus shows up again, along with Sailor Moon’s feline mentor Luna, on this unique lace-collared sweatshirt, which is priced at 21,600 yen and also available in white.

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And finally, the offerings from Riccimie Premiere Salon, which are the most girlish of the bunch.

▼ The hem of this 20,520-yen dress is decorated with romantic scenes from the Silver Millennium.

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▼ More subtle Sailor Moon cues on this 14,040-yen top (also available in solid white) which will still be noticed by true fans/people standing incredibly close to you

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▼ The Silver Millennium pattern is back again on these 17,280-yen skirts.

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▼ Or you could opt for the 14,040-yen constellation skirt.

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▼ These 21,600-yen dresses don’t need shoulders, because they’ve got illustrations of the Sailor Moon cast.

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▼ The same pattern is used on this 14,040-yen blouse, which also comes in the reverse of the color scheme it appears in here.

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▼ Finally, this 16,200-yen sweat top is the most sailor-like of all the new Sailor Mooninspired clothes.

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Once again, Girls Love Mode-Let’s Prism Power Make Up! opens inside the Shinjuku branch of Isetan on March 25. Alternatively, the items can be ordered online (Honey Bunch here, Secret Honey by Honey Bunch here, and Riccimie Premiere Salon here) through the Isetan Online Store, with orders starting on March 25 as well.

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