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“Empty orchestra.” What a hauntingly beautiful pair of words, but most of us know it better as karaoke, the easiest form of entertainment on a night out with friends or co-workers.

Any seasoned karaoke veteran in Japan knows that the video that plays behind the words of the song are often the best part of the night. Sometimes the song you chose is accompanied by the band’s official music video or concert footage, but more often than not, you get the confusing, yet always entertaining, background karaoke video. These gems are always good for a laugh, however, in this case the video went from “entertaining” to “distracting” to “I can’t sing anymore I’m laughing so hard.” What is cracking up potential singers in Japan? Click on through to find out.

The theme of a karaoke video is kinda-sorta related to the meaning of the song. Pick a love ballad and you’ll get a video of a couple doing love-y things. Pick a song about unrequited love and you’ll watch a lonely man or woman moping around. Pick an enka (old Japanese folk music) song about the beauty of nature and you’ll get a video showing you wonderful scenery.  That being said, singing is supposed to be the main source of entertainment, not the video itself.

It’s a fine line to walk between entertaining and distracting, and there usually isn’t a whole lot of money being put into the videos, either. Karaoke background video isn’t a line most want to highlight on their acting resume, so they’re generally full of “Z-list” or still unknown actors. One Japanese Twitter user encountered a video with an actor so distracting that he couldn’t continue with the song. While doubled over with laughter, he had to share it with the Internet.

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Who do we have to thank for such a delightfully awkward karaoke video? The culprits appear to be the karaoke system Live DAM and this guy who was incredibly distracting to Twitter user @Ryoryou.

live dam 2

This face.

live dam 3

live dam 4

Online commenters also felt they’d have a hard time concentrating on the music.

“This is…lol.”
“His expression in the second picture is too funny.”
“It completely kills me…lol.”
“This…you can’t sing with this on.”
“Oh middle-aged man, what machine and what song can I meet you on?”

For those interested, this is the song the guy popped up on.

Let’s hope this means that his face won’t appear while serenading a date with a love ballad. The mood would be completely ruined. Do you have your own amusing stories of songs and their karaoke video pair? Share them in the comments!

Source: Twitter (@Ryoryou) via My Game News Flash
Top Image: Flickr (Andrea Williams)

Images: Twitter (@Ryoryou)