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Despite the huge amount of Sailor Moon merchandise that’s been released over the years, no company has yet made a fully functioning version of one of the many items that instantly transform main character Usagi from ordinary schoolgirl to magical guardian. Things are moving one step closer to that, though, with this new Transformation Brooch from merchandiser Bandai.

While it won’t cause a frilly combat uniform to materialize around your body, the cosmetic powder inside will help your skin look as smooth and unblemished as an anime heroine.

For its latest offering through the Premium Bandai brand, Bandai has teamed up with cosmetics maker Creer Beaute. This isn’t Creer Beaute’s first anime-themed project either, as the company was also responsible for the Cardcaptor Sakura lip balm that came out a few months ago.

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The container for the 4,093-yen (US$34) Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Makeup Powder is styled after the Transformation Brooch Usagi receives from mentor/cat Luna in the very first episode of the anime.

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Flip open the cover, and inside you’ll find a mirror and supply of face powder designed to help your skin stay smooth and retain moisture. Also included in the bundle is an appropriately girlish powder puff with pink ribbon and a protective sheet for the cosmetics decorated with Sailor Moon imagery.

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And, as we’ve come to expect from Bandai’s classy offerings, even the box is a treat for the eyes of Sailor Moon fans.

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Despite the girlish overtones, though, Sailor Moon herself is fairly demanding in her endorsement, announcing “If you don’t use it, in the name of the moon, I will punish you!” If you don’t feel like calling her bluff, you can order the Miracle Romance Makeup Powder here, with delivery expected in June.

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