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Here at RocketNews24 we’re no stranger to hearing reports of Chinese tourists acting inappropriately abroad. Of course there are jerks from every country who can incite even the most good-natured natives, but only in China do you get the government putting out an official statement for their citizens about how to act when abroad.

Still, fair or not, the perception of rude Chinese tourists is so strong that it recently sent one Thai woman overboard at Jeju International Airport in Korea. While waiting in line, a group of Chinese tourists allegedly came over and turned the once-orderly queue into a madhouse of shoving and yelling, some of the which was the video taker’s own…

The woman in question is Duangjai Phichitamphon, a Thai celebrity/model. While waiting in line for her tourist tax refund, she was apparently swarmed by a group of Chinese tourists. You can watch the whole thing here, recorded on her phone. (Can someone please record a video yelling about people who record videos while holding their cameras vertically??)

▼ You see this face in only two places: when a hundred tourists just cut you in line, and when the Starbucks barista used whole milk but you clearly asked for skim.

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▼ The plot thickens with her guy-friend behind her, looking just as frustrated and a little embarrassed as she continues letting her complaints be heard loud and clear.

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▼ That is a pretty funny linguistic coincidence though: if she says “san queue” to anyone, they’ll just think she’s saying “thank you.”

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▼ The frustration reaches a screaming climax. But maybe, you know, they’re pushing past because you’re just standing in the way filming? Just a thought.

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▼ But guy-friend does his best to usher her away from the rage-inducing surroundings.

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Whether or not you agree with the woman’s sentiments, this is a good reminder that whenever we’re in another country (or our own country for that matter!), we should do our best to act as good ambassadors of our homelands. After all, we don’t want the rest of the world to think we’re crazy or anything.

Source: YouTube via Shanghaiist
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