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We’ve seen a lot of comparisons between different types of women here at RocketNews24. First there was girls you want to look at vs. girls you want to date, then women who attract chikan vs. those who don’t, and fashion model vs. gravure idol.

The latest “girl comparison” to take Twitter by storm is the most bizarre yet: girls who look innocent but aren’t vs. girls who don’t look innocent but actually are. I’m not quite sure how we got here, but hey! There are cute anime girls to pick from so let’s get choosing!

Twitter user @niichi021 posted this picture on March 17, and since then it has been retweeted tens of thousands of times:

(Left) girls who look innocent but aren’t, (right) girls who don’t look innocent but are.
(Translations below)

“Girls who look innocent but aren’t”
– Long black hair (natural color)
– Knows the angles to make her face look best
– Subtly seductive
– Longer skirt
– Using official schoolbag
– Dark knee-socks and loafers
• They look this way on purpose to lead others on
• Good at acting sweet
• Teachers have nothing but good things to say about them

“Girls who don’t look innocent but are”
– Brown hair (dyed)
– Used to wear glasses but started using contacts in high school
– Undoes her top button to fit in with everyone
– Long V-neck sweater
– Embarrassed her skirt is short
– Brightly colored loafers
• Trying too hard to debut her new self starting in high school
• Scared of all the attention she’s getting from boys recently
• No relationship experience

So maybe it’s that old culture gap getting in the way again, but my Western eyes aren’t really seeing how the one on the right “doesn’t look innocent.” Still, here’s a translation of some tweeted comments:

“I’ll take the naugty-looking innocent one!”
“Yup! The right one is the best.”
“The left one catches your eye first, but you gotta go with the right.”
“The right one is so pure and cute on the inside.”
“I… can’t… choose….”
“Both please!”

Aside from a few outliers, the right-girl seems to be winning by a landslide. Maybe it’s because the left-girl has a smile going on that seems to imply ulterior motives, or maybe it’s just because some people just can’t handle strong, independent woman.

But let’s see what opinions are like here at RocketNews24. Let us know in the comments: are you more of a left-side adventurer, or a right-side softie? We want to know!

Source: Togech via Twitter
Featured/top image: Twitter