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Everyone who ever had action figure toys as a kid will no doubt fondly recall the heroic battles that were fought using their imaginations in their bedrooms. It doesn’t matter which toys you had, they would amass together to fight the war to end all wars and save the universe! And who wouldn’t want to step back into their childhood and have one more epic battle? Whatever you can imagine is probably not as cool as this stop-motion movie using a couple of Dragon Ball Z figures and a heck of a lot of patience and creativity.

RocketNews24 has shown you some pretty cool Dragon Ball Z effects with action figures before, but this 1.5-minute video might be the cream of the crop. Taking advantage of the extreme poseability of his Dragon Ball Z action figures, Jordan Tseng has animated our childhood dreams.


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Not only do the two action figures duke it out, but when Goku appears to be knocked out of the fight, Jordan himself jumps into the fray. Wielding kamehamehas and furious punches, man and toy fight for supremacy. That is, until Jordan has had enough and throws Broly into the toilet. Is this the end of their epic battle? Or will Broly train in the sewers of Taiwan and return stronger and smellier?

“I’ll be baaaaaaaaaack!” 

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You can catch more of Jordan’s stop-motion videos on his YouTube page. Each video only runs about two minutes, but they are all action-packed, edge-of-your-seat affairs. It might not be long until you start seeing Jordan Tseng’s name all over your favorite movies. So soak up all the free content while you can!

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Source: YouTube (Jordan Tseng) via Kotaku Japan
Images: YouTube (Jordan Tseng)