What’s the only accessory you can wear 10 of but barely notice you’re donning them at all? Yup, nail art! Japan is all about colorful, creative decoration for the fingers and its nail art can get pretty fancy. But it can also get kind of pricey. As not everyone is gifted enough in the intricate craft of nail painting to do it themselves, DIY tricks have been cropping up, but they don’t always work as well as expected.

Renowned video game developer Sega has an answer to our nail woes. They have created a machine that prints specially shaped nail art stickers, so the average Jane (or Joe) can decorate their nails to their heart’s content. The machine is aptly named Nail Puri, short for nail purintaa (printer). What’s even better is that there will be a free demo of the machine in Ikebukuro this coming weekend!

The Nail Puri machines are kind of similar to those for purikurabut without the photo booth. When you do purikura, you take some pictures, then decorate them with cute stamps, colored backgrounds or words. Nail Puri uses this kind of software to allow you to create the pattern, design or simple color you want on each nail. There are over 1,500 designs to choose from and each machine will be updated monthly to release trending or seasonal designs.

▼ You can choose a theme, but every nail can be different.



A second option is to use the free smartphone app created to work with the machine. You can use your phone to make your perfect design, even using real photos! Once you’re ready and in the game center, you can send the designs to the machine.

▼ This app will likely assist in procrastinating studying and work.


Once you pick or send over your designs, the machine will print them on a thin, flexible material, which you can shape to a perfect fit for your unique fingers, then… Voila! Cute nail art for just a few bucks. (We assume it won’t be outrageously expensive, but there is no word about how much the stickers will actually cost).

▼ “Happy Cute Life!”


The Nail Puri is still a work in progress, but Sega wants to do it right, so they’re asking for input from their target audience: young ladies. In order to do so, they are road-testing the machine for three days in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Participants will not only be able to get nail stickers for free, they can also have them put on their fingers by professional nail artists, another complimentary service.

If you’re going to be hanging out in Tokyo between 10am and midnight on March 27-29, you should stop by the 6th and 7th floors of Sega GiGO game center in Ikebukuro to get your individualized nail stickers.

While we won’t know the quality of the stickers and ease of the process until the prototype is tested, this machine could potentially change the world of nail art in Japan. If it’s really good, it may even take off abroad, a goal that regular purikura never really attained. Here’s to a potential new and easy way to be fashion-forward.

Sources: Nail Pri Sega via Famitsu
Images: Nail Pri Sega