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If you live outside of Japan, you’d be forgiven if you said you’d never heard of a wildly popular tile-matching video game Puyo Puyo. The puzzle game may have been initially inspired by Tetris, but the combination of competitive gameplay, cute characters, and a fun storyline have gained a huge following in Japan since it was first launched there in 1991.

And to celebrate the 24 years since gamers first got addicted to arranging rows of colorful, little blobs, Sega is turning the game into a live show next month with a cast of Japanese idols, actresses and models.

Puyo Puyo, which was first released on the Sega’s Mega Drive system in 1991, has become a hit in Japan and has spawned a series games over many different systems and even teamed up with Tetris last year to launch a crossover title (and accompanying gummies). The game was originally created by the company Compile, but after it went bust in 2003, Sega got the rights and has been keeping Puyo Puyo alive for its many fans in Japan. Sega has said the special anniversary live show will be an original story based on the many characters that have come out of the series in the past 24 years, including the heroine Arle Nadja.

▼ You’ve come a long way, baby

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The show kicks off on May 2 and will have eight performances over five days in the Akasaka ACT Theatre in Tokyo. Among the cast are Japanese actresses, idols and a J-Pop star or two, including fashion model Risako Ito who will play the role of Arle. There will also be a chance to win a special edition Aime IC card to use to save your status in the latest arcade version of the game called Puyo Puyo Quest Arcade. And everyone who comes to the show will be given a special code to use in the Puyo Puyo smartphone app.

▼ A flyer for the 24th anniversary live Puyo Puyo show

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Japanese netizens were excited to see one of their favorite video games coming to life with some shocked that it has been 24 years since Puyo Puyo first came out. A few netizens noticed that only women were shown on the cast list and thought Sega might be planning to pull a Takarazuka Revue and have them also play the male roles. And many wondered if the blobs that make the game so famous would be making an appearance in the show.

Have you ever played the game and would you go to a theater production based on Puyo Puyo? Should Tetris or Dr. Mario get in on the puzzle game-themed live show bandwagon? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: Gamer, Golden Times
Feature Image: Sega