Despite the kimo-kawaii (creepy-cute) appearance of this pilot episode of “MILPOM★”, the “girls’ talk” dialogue may be too real for some boys to handle. The contrast between the innocent MILPOM★ and aloof PonPon as they engage in a conversation about boys provides an amusing glimpse into the daily lives of young, fashion-obsessed women on the streets of Shibuya.

In MILPOM★’s world, it is normal that everyone wears animal head costumes. That’s just how they roll. They begin to talk about boys while waiting for friends in front of teen fashion mecca “Shibuya 109”.


Yeah, sometimes fake eyelashes come off. That’s a common thing to overhear teenage girls say, especially with it being suck a popular item now.
“Tsukema Toreteru.”


MILPOM★ wants to have a boyfriend so badly and may be jealous of her friend PonPon who seems to be popular among boys?


PonPon acts like she’s naturally spacey, but perhaps she knows exactly what she’s doing?


The sudden shift in her personality, when criticizing her friend who overslept instead of meeting them as planned, is a little frightening!


Solo idol Hikari Shiina (aka Shiina Pikarin) is the voice of MILPOM★ and the voice of PonPon is provided by Hikari’s real friend Ai Matsumoto. Both of them are fashion models for the teen magazine “Popteen”, so it makes perfect sense that they’re standing in front of 109 in Shibuya. Perhaps this short movie was inspired by some actual conversation that the two have had in real life?

The full version of the video is set to be released this summer, and MILPOM★’s goods will go on sale around the same time.

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