If you weren’t raised on a steady diet of Disney movies, then we’ll wager your childhood was lacking a little animated magic. Even now the old classics still hold up, and Disney definitely isn’t just for kids.

But if you’ve ever been left disappointed that those amazing Disney Princess dresses they sell at the Disney Store don’t fit anyone over the age of eight, then fret not! Now adult women (or indeed, men) can dress up in fantastic, whimsically childlike Cinderella dresses courtesy of this collaboration between Disney and lolita style brand Baby The Stars Shine Bright.

The Walt Disney x Baby The Stars Shine Bright “Cinderella Project” line will launch on April 10 this year, with four different colours of dresses to be released over the coming months. In April the Blue and Cream versions will go on sale, followed by Purple in May and Pink in July. But all that frilly cuteness doesn’t come cheap – each dress will cost 40,000 yen (US$333)!

The Blue version will be available both online and at Tokyo Disney Resort, while the other colour variations will only be available online.

Hmm, we think you might get some funny looks strolling down the street in one of these poofy creations (unless you’re in Tokyo where girls in poofy dresses are pretty much a dime a dozen). Still,these look like just the thing to wear to a lolita meet-up event or a lolita tea party. Or you could just wear it around the house and do the washing-up in it while pretending to be a real life Disney princess…

Source: NetLabo
Main Image: Disney Store Japan