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Comedian Dave Chappelle once said that “Everything looks better in slow motion,” since time seems to slow down during the coolest moments of music videos. But you could make the same statement about Japanese animation.

Don’t believe us? Here’s an animated short that somehow manages to make taking a correspondence course in high school math feel beautiful and dramatic, proving that everything looks better in anime.

Among the many branches of Okayama Prefecture-based educational services provider Benesse Holdings you’ll find the company’s Shinken Seminar division. Shinken specializes in supplementary study materials for elementary, middle, and high school students, which are administered as correspondence courses.

But while Shinken is providing an unquestionably admirable service be helping to educate young minds, most kids would rather be doing something else with their time than studying. The temptation to slack off is even greater with correspondence courses where there’s no instructor checking up on you every day. So perhaps accepting that most of their target market is at least toying with the idea of putting off their studies until later and watching some anime instead, Shinken decided to produce its own short anime that makes studying look like the coolest thing a teen can do.

Titled Turnover (though given the subject matter Turnaround might have been a more appropriate choice), the short focuses on second year high school student Chizuru Yamazaki, played by voice actress Kana Hanazawa. Chizuru has apparently dreamed of becoming a veterinarian ever since the fateful childhood day when a puppy licked her cheek.

▼ Sharp-eared fans may recognize Hanazawa as the voice of Angel Beats’ Angel.

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However, it looks like Chizuru’s got a bumpy road ahead of her. Early in the school year, just as her teacher is telling her “If you’re still getting hung up on first year material, you won’t be able to keep up,” Chizuru starts panicking at the difficulty of her current classes, visualized by equations peeling off the chalkboard and whirling about the room.

▼ The lesson here is either study hard in your first year, or don’t do psychedelic drugs right before coming to class.

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Exhausted from her regular classes and basketball practice, Chizuru’s lack of understanding starts being reflected in her grades, which have slipped to a D on her latest test.

▼ At this rate, the only animals she’ll be able to practice medicine on are the stuffed ones on her bed.

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But just when she’s feeling her lowest, Chizuru gets a text from Shota, a friend from junior high who’s dealing with his academic troubles by going back and studying the fundamentals of his problem subjects again. Inspired, Chizuru decides to do the same, armed with study materials from Shinken Seminar.

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As the year goes by and the seasons change around her, Chizuru slowly starts to grasp the concepts she couldn’t before. With fall setting in and the gingko leaves turning yellow, classmate Ai quizzes her and she deftly answers the question. When we see Chizuru’s latest test score, she’s pulled it up to a C.

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As she gets into the rhythm of studying, other aspects of her life start to improve as well. The newly energetic Chizuru helps run her school festival’s haunted house, and even hits the last-second, game-winning shot in a basketball game.

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By the time the plum blossoms bloom in February of her third year, Chizuru’s math test grade is a solid B. Her proud teacher tells her she’s now one step closer to achieving her goal of becoming a veterinarian, and in the anime’s last moments, we see the teen sitting for her college entrance exam, confident that someday she’ll make her dream come true.

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Between the sleek designs and catchy background music, the production values are surprisingly high for what’s essentially a commercial, and it’s hard not to fee a little inspired by Chizuru’s story. Really, our only complaint is that at just two minutes long, the anime is over way too soon for our tastes.

That’s probably intentional, though. After all, as Shinken Seminar is reminding us, we probably have some studying we should be doing.

Sources: Otasuke via Gamme
Images: YouTube