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As fun and entertaining as a night of karaoke can be, it presents a major problem for many people. If you’re not used to it, singing in front of others can be embarrassing, even when the audience is made up of your close personal friends. Practicing at home can help you build confidence, but if you’ve got roommates or an apartment with paper-thin walls, that might not be an option, especially if you’re still at a level where you’re singing is less “sweet serenade” and more “public disturbance.”

Thankfully, there’s a solution that doesn’t involve calling a contractor and adding layer upon layer of sound-proofing to your bedroom walls. Instead, all you need is this noise-blocking microphone for solo karaoke practice.

Called Hitori de Karaoke DX in Japanese, the product’s name translates out to “Karaoke by Yourself Deluxe.” While it may look like some kind of cyberpunk vacuum-powered dental care apparatus, it’s actually a fully functional microphone with a funnel that completely encircle your mouth.

▼ The designers remembered to leave your nose free so you can breathe.

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The mike plugs into a controller box which allows you to adjust the volume and amount of echo. The box can then be connected to a TV, PC, smartphone, or boom box.

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Last, but not least, you’ll need to plug a set of headphones into the controller box. Now queue up your music on whatever device you’re using, and sing to your heart’s content. With the headphones cancelling out the external speaker output and the funnel greatly muffling your own voice, you can belt out your favorite songs with all the power and passion you want while hearing the full effect, but to those around you, it won’t be any louder than an ordinary conversation.

▼ Atsushi Tamura and Doronuma-san, hosts of YouTube program Atsushi no Kyujitsu demonstrate with London Boots’ “Misaki” starting at the 2:01 mark.

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Hitori de Karaoke DX is available from Amazon Japan and Rakuten, here and here, with prices starting at 5,200 yen (US$44). Order yours today and tell your friends to get ready to be blown away at the next karaoke party by your awesome new singing voice.

▼ Not to mention your improved fist-pumping skills

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