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The hit anime Attack on Titan has really captured Japan’s imagination. For some reason, the idea of giant naked people eating regular sized humans really resonates with the Japanese psyche. So, it logically followed that various entities have attempted to recreate the scale of the series’ titular Titans in real life. Through Universal Studios’ impressive statues to, of course, a porn set and beyond, a lot of attempts have come close to capturing the pants-wetting terror of seeing a Titan in real life.

But none have come as close to a true-to-scale Titan as this private (!!!) augmented reality (AR) hobbyist who has managed to project a massive AR Titan dancing giddily in the Japanese countryside. And all you’ll need to see it for yourself is a multi-thousand dollar personal drone. You know, no big deal.

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The artist, Kamo C, seems to have been commissioned by video site Niconico to take on the gargantuan project, which required that he rent out his local city office’s multipurpose room to put together an enormous AR marker in the shape of Hatsune Miku (because, you know… nerds) and then move the marker to some nearby farmland for the drone-enabled shot.

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Because of the massive scale of the virtual Titan, the AR marker had to be large enough for the camera to recognize from a distance of up to 150m or more and it’s amazing it all seemed to go off without a hitch. From what we hear, the technology can be pretty finicky even when the marker is small and scanned up-close with a smartphone, so Kamo C deserves serious recognition for nailing the shot from such an impossible distance – and by remote control, no less!

It’s kind of a shame that the Titan is badly in need of some dance lessons, though.

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Source: ITmedia
Images: YouTube