The “console wars” have become so complicated lately. Unlike the glory days of Nintendo Vs. Sega, there are now a good half-dozen or more consoles to choose from, with exclusivity deals between publishers and console makers forcing hardcore gamers to go all-in and purchase three or four consoles just to play all the games they want to.

On top of all that, Sony wants its PlayStation 4 to murder the Xbox One with a sword, the Wii U is kind of promiscuous, and the PS Vita suffers from severe depression.

Wait, sorry… We’ve been reading too many of these comics that perfectly moe-fy the various consoles.


Artist Mindwipe, who runs the website Planet of Junk, conceived of this tongue-in-cheek series that has captivated many on Reddit’s game-related forums and has even made its way across the pond to Japan, where some of the strips have been lovingly translated into Japanese by Netizens who are awed by the artist’s perfect moe-ficications.

Some of the recurring characters are:

U-tan: Representing the Wii U, she “likes to entertain large groups,” wears a tight, white dress and, incongruously, appears to chain-smoke despite the console’s family oriented nature.

PS4-tan: Her handlers at Sony have tasked her with killing Xbox One with a katana. She’s the quirkiest of the group and is, hilariously, dating Octodad.

PS Vita-tan: Is apparently depressed because no one loves her due to a lack of games available in the West.

PC: A muscle-bound stud, which is probably a riff on the “PC Master Race” meme.








Some of the strips are pretty funny and perfectly encapsulate the madcap world that the game industry has become, such as PS4-tan’s penchant for uploading video of embarrassing game losses to the Internet and U-tan’s removable, portable head. There doesn’t appear to be any overarching story or coherent plot for the characters so far, but if the reaction from Netizens both at home and abroad is any indication (not to mention invaluable exposure on a certain, glorious Asia-centric news site), an ongoing series from Windwipe would no doubt be appreciated by many.

View the full strips below.

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