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As events unfold in Disney’s Big Hero 6, teenage genius Hiro finds himself and caretaker robot Baymax getting into increasingly dangerous situations. Recognizing their increased need to be able to defend themselves, Hiro takes it upon himself to develop new combat software for Baymax and train him in how to use it, turning him into a karate master.

Given Baymax’s considerable size and girth, though, we’re not sure karate allows him to make full use of his brute strength. Wrestling might be a better discipline for him, as demonstrated in this Ultra Street Fighter IV video starring the huggable Baymax unleashing a string of spinning pile drivers on Big Hero 6 costar GoGo.

Back in the early ‘90s, video game developer Capcom was putting the finishing touches on Street Fighter II’: Champion Edition. As the first game in the franchise to allow both players to fight as the same character, Capcom added a new set of color palate-swapped artwork for each fighter so players could tell who was who. Fans minds were blown at the idea of ostensible protagonist Ryu wearing black or prototypical fighting female Chun-Li dressed in red.

Fast forward 20-someodd years, and it takes more than new colors to get fans excited. As a matter of fact, the current state of technology and fandom means that gamers don’t even have to rely on Capcom to spruce its games up with new visuals, as shown by fan artist salimano3.

Saimano3 has developed a set of modified skins for the Ultra Street Fighter IV cast, modeled on various movie and anime icons. Previous projects have included robotic Ryus resembling Optimus Prime, Gundam, and Tekkaman, but what’s really grabbed our attention is the Russian wrestler Zangief being transformed into Baymax.

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The game’s audio and animation remain unchanged, so Baymax makes his appearance accompanied by plenty of flexing and announcing himself as “The Red Cyclone,” although Zangief’s established nickname still works due to the robot’s crimson armor plating. You can’t have a street fight without a second street fighter, though, so facing off against Baymax is another member of the team of six big heroes, the speedy and agile GoGo, reskinned from acrobatic martial artist Cammy.

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▼ Cammy’s normal costume is a camouflaged leotard, which explains why the cameraman seems so entranced by GoGo’s backside.

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Again, since the game’s physics and play mechanics are kept in their original states, we unfortunately don’t get to see Baymax perform his rocket punch from the movie, nor does he punctuate his victories with the adorable fist bump Hiro taught him. Instead, he shouts to the heavens that “Russian wrestling is the strongest in the world!” while repeatedly slamming GoGo’s skull into the concrete.

▼ “Diagnosis: concussion.”

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GoGo isn’t holding back either, though, as she unleashes a series of kicks to Baymax’s cherubic face and strikes to his robo groin.

▼ Good thing he’s wearing a metallic cup.

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Still, you can tell that the two remain friends by the way nobody cheeses, and even after her eventual victory, GoGo refrains from taunting the defeated Baymax.

▼ Although it seems that after rejecting “I just kicked your butt!” she had trouble thinking up anything else clever to say.

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Source: Kotaku Japan
Images: YouTube