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If you’re a long-time RocketNews24 reader, you probably don’t need anyone to tell you that Japan and underage girls in skirts have a… complicated relationship.

The sexualization of schoolgirl uniforms is far from a Japan-only thing, but no country is quite so infamous as Japan when it comes to sexualizing youth; as many readers may have learned when we told you about that crazy movie about a kid shaving a girl’s leg hair to prepare her for the swim team, or when we brought you tips from a famous Japanese photographer for taking pictures of schoolgirl be-skirted legs.

But perhaps nothing we’ve introduced before pushes the envelope of good taste quite as much as this video series of schoolgirls trying and failing to prevent their panties from showing in very specific situations.

Because Japan?

Oddly, the video series – known as the Mousou Kagaku Kenkyushitsu series – purports to be an instructional series for girls on how not to accidentally give guys an eyeful when wearing a skirt in very specific situations, such as when bending over to pick up a dropped object or reaching for a book on a high shelf.

Of course, as you’ve probably surmised, the girls in the videos universally fail at the task and end up showing just the slightest glimpse of panty in every video, which we presume causes the series’ true target audience to immediately break out in a cold sweat, start panting uncontrollably and fall out of their chairs. Cascading nosebleeds are probably pretty common, too.

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The girls featured in most of the videos are, of course, actually of-age despite depicting underage girls, and most of them are minor celebrities from the cosplay realm, gravure and even the Japanese adult video industry. The series also appears to be produced by Pony Canyon, an otherwise perfectly respectable entertainment publisher. This blending of normal entertainment products with more risque offshoots – sort of like a reverse Playboy – is fairly common in Japan (see also: and their extremely unsavory porn collection).

To a Western eye, this series may seem profoundly weird and a little unsettling, but it’s apparently narcotics-level exciting for a lot of Japanese men. There’s a lot of historical precedent for this type of soft fetishism in Japan that can possibly be traced all the way back to Heian-era traditions or even beyond and there are certainly far more lascivious and potentially damaging videos available, even on YouTube. Suffice it to say, while the series isn’t our personal cup of tea, we suppose we can’t necessarily hold it against anyone who’s into it.

Despite poking a bit of fun at people who get off on this kind of stuff, we’re far from prudes here at RN24 (ask about our Friday night sex parties!); if this is your niche and all those involved in the series are consenting adults, more power to you. Just, you know, make sure we don’t catch you within 200 yards of any local high schools, or we’ll have to tell the authorities.

Photos captured from YouTube