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For the normal human being, fashion is hard work. There are so many things to think about when considering what sort of outfit you will choose for yourself. Sometimes what looks great on people who are paid to look good, doesn’t quite look as good on us. That shouldn’t stop us from strutting our stuff as long as you’ve got the confidence to back it up, though, and this girl has confidence in spades.

Nothing left to the imagination didn’t seem to be a hurdle for a Chinese woman who was dead-set on looking like Jaimie Alexander at the Thor: The Dark World premiere. The famous American actor rocked the red carpet with a stunningly sexy and revealing dress. It’s clear that Lady Sif knows what the people of Midgard like.

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The Azzaro couture dress has inspired quick fashion companies to offer a similar outfit for way less than the real thing. Luckily for all of us, you can buy the dress online so you don’t even have to leave the home to do some shopping. That unfortunately means you can’t try the dress on before you buy it. Although, it still looks pretty great on the stores’ models.

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When you want to turn some heads, some risk is certainly involved, but sometimes our body shapes don’t match up with the ones of Lady Sif or dress models. But that didn’t stop this confident lady posting up her own selfies of her in the same dress. And hot-pink slippers.

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The results are certainly different, but that’s not a bad thing. This image went viral in Asia as a symbol of “buyer’s remorse,” however, with the picture generating comments such as “If you don’t have the body, it doesn’t work!” and “You can’t blame other people if you don’t have the body for it.”

But that’s just the thing. The woman wearing the dress isn’t blaming anybody! Nor does she seem to be in the least bit disappointed in how she looks.

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Rather, this confident woman is seemingly quite happy with her purchase, commenting: “The quality is really good and it’s really sexy.” And if the customer is happy then the people of the Internet should probably just leave it be instead of immediately jumping on the “LOL FAIL” wagon.

While her body shape isn’t the exact same as others who have been photographed in the dress, this woman still really likes her outfit. Besides, we’re quite sure there are plenty of men out there looking at these images right now thinking, “Yup, I’d take some fries with that shake any day of the week.”

Source: 宅宅新聞 via Beauty Exchange
Images: Taobao