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Marc Newson’s versatile talents have led the industrial designer to work in a number of fields. While he first garnered critical acclaim for longue chairs and other pieces of furniture, the Australian native has also created watches, shoes, and cameras.

Since 2014, Newson has been providing his services to Apple, being involved with the design of the iPhone 6. For his latest project, though, he’s shifting from the cutting edge of consumer electronics to the cutting edge of bladed weaponry, as Newson is part of a collaborative team producing a set of traditional Japanese swords.

Newson was approached by Japanese visual design studio WOW about participating in the unique project. Aside from Tokyo and London, WOW also has offices in Miyagi Prefecture, part of Japan’s northeastern Tohoku region, from where the other project members were recruited.

As shown in the video below, Newson travelled to Tohoku to meet with his creative partners. Among the workshops he visited were those of lacquer craftsman Yuya Suzuki, woodworker Kouichi Oikawa, and swordsmith Saburo Nobufusa Hokke.

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The involvement of Hokke was particularly significant, as he is part of a renowned line of sword makers, as his family has been creating Japanese blades since the 18th century. Hokke is now the ninth master smith from his family, and his son will someday succeed him as the 10th generation to go into the family business.

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The finished product, dubbed aikuchi (not i-kuchi), is a set of two swords without handguards which slide flush into their beautifully elegant scabbards.

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Given the prestigious talent and painstaking production methods involved, it’s no surprise that the aikuchi will be made in very limited quantities. WOW is planning to produce just 10 sets, priced at 35 million yen (US$294,000) each.

In other words, these are legitimate art pieces, so it’s probably best to resist the urge to hang your necklaces and other accessories on them.

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