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Japanese automotive manufacturer Toyota is becoming as well-known for their wacky commercials as they are for their cars. We’ve seen everything from incredibly addictive live-action Doraemon ads to CMs featuring World Order and Busta Rhymes.

The car company recently took a slightly more sentimental turn with their commercials, but Toyota is back to being funny again now. A new ad for the Europe-exclusive AYGO x-wave, a canvas-topped compact car, is taking revenge on weather forecasters for their inaccurate predictions. It’s a silly ad that doesn’t focus much on the car, but we laugh and approve nonetheless.

▼ Go ahead and carve another notch into Toyota’s “funny commercial” belt.

When you have a car with a convertible top, you cherish the sunny days and dread those of inclement weather. However, as most of us are not meteorologists, we don’t have the know-how to predict the atmospheric conditions, so we put our trust in our local weather forecasters.

As everyone has probably been caught in an unexpected rain storm at some point, we all know that predictions are not always accurate, despite the forecasters seeming so sure of themselves on TV. To give them a taste of their own medicine, Toyota Europe picked three famous forecasters, Milan’s Paolo Corazzon, Brussels’ Tatiana Silva and Madrid’s Roberto Brasero, and subjected them to “The Weather Challenge.”

▼ The three lovely weather forecasters participating in the challenge

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Each participant received a new Toyota AYGO x-wave to use for the month-long game, however, the cars were rigged to either open the top if the forecaster predicted good weather, or lock it shut if the forecaster predicated bad weather. They also received two sets of clothes, one for warm weather and one for cold weather, which they also had to wear based on their forecasts. If their predictions were wrong, they were out of luck! 

▼ Paolo is so sure he is going to have a pleasant month.

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Of course, being professionals, the weather forecasters were right sometimes.

▼ Paolo knew there would be rain!

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▼ Tatiana is still full of confidence.

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▼ Smooth sailing the whole way, right Roberto?

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However, as Toyota knowingly predicted, they had their off days too.

▼ Uh-oh, pouring rain, but the roof’s stuck open!

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▼ Tatiana went to work with a skirt, t-shirt and a face full of snow.

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▼ Which is worse: underdressed or overdressed?

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The weather forecasters in the video seemed to learn from their arrogance, becoming slightly less sure of their own forecasts.

▼ Really warm with clear skies…

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The commercial was definitely cute and pretty funny (especially the snow bomb part), and after a few times watching it, the car is starting to grow on us. Of course, we’d choose the “Non-Weather Challenge” version of the car so we could control the roof, since we know we definitely can’t control the weather!

▼ We’re not so sure about this tag line though…

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Source: YouTube (Toyota Europe) via Otaho
Video/Images: YouTube (Toyota Europe)