The great thing about computers is how easy it is to fix your mistakes. Make a typo while writing an email? Just use the backspace key and you’re done! Much easier than using a pen and paper (ask your parents, kids) where you’d have to either start all over or grab some whiteout and leave the page an ugly mess.

While we can’t help you stop making mistakes, we can help you enjoy them more! With this new white-out tape from Sun Star, you can now hide your Freudian pen slips with donuts, hamburgers or even coffee!

Mos Burger


Though, on the other hand, we have to admit that we’re not sure you’d actually want to use this Deco Rush whiteout tape when you make a real mistake. It doesn’t look very easy to write over. And at 432 yen (US$3.61) for one roll of tape, you might seriously think before whipping one out anyway!



However, the real purpose is right there in the name! “Deco rush.” Say it faster and you get “decorush” and if you keep saying it to yourself, over and over and over again, faster and faster, eventually you’ll realize that…people are staring at you.

Baskin Robbins (known simply as “31” in Japan)

Quick! Smile sheepishly and then run out of the room!

Okay. Did that work? Great! Now, what does “decorush” sound like if you say it fast and happen to be a non-native English speaker? “Decoration!” That’s right, this correction tape isn’t for correcting your mistake so much as it is for making your paper look pretty. Though we’re not sure if decorating your homework or official documents with tape with “Sagawa,” a package delivery company, written all over it is really a good idea…

▼Even Sagawa employees would be perplexed.


On the other hand, there is also a version for Gyoza no Ohsho, a gyoza (fried dumplings) chain in Japan, that this RocketNews24 writer would love to cover everything with, so your mileage may vary.

Gyouza no Ohsho


▼There are even two different kinds for Gyoza no Ohsho!


If you’re thinking, “Hmmm, I want these, but I’m kind of embarrassed to buy one,” don’t worry, you’re not alone! This is what some Japanese commenters thought about Deco Rush.

“I really want some!”
“Oh, this is great! I’m actually more interested in the Sagawa ones than the Gyoza no Ohsho ones though.”
“I’m so hungry now!”
“I bought some without even thinking.”
“There are not a lot of cases where you could use this…”
“I want some so much, I just can’t even…”

Can’t even what, random Internet commenter? Can’t even what?!

Well, we may never know, but we have to admit that while we have no idea what we’d do with any of these, we still want them all!

Maybe we could use some to distract our boss when we turn in our expense reports late…

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Images: Amazon JP

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