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Springtime in Japan means graduation season, and for increasing numbers of students that means cosplay. And with years of costuming excellence preceding them, students of Kyoto University have a lot to live up to. This year’s grads didn’t disappoint, though!

As in previous years, TV crews turned up, leading to wonderful scenes like this Tetris piece being interviewed:

▼ This troop of Pikmin were there too!

▼ “As ever, it’s chaos at Kyoto University’s graduation ceremony!” tweeted this attendee, who captured pics of a whole host of different characters.

“What else would you expect from Kyoto University?”

▼ If there’s one time in your life that it’s probably ok to go to an event dressed as a yakisoba-eating cockroach, this is probably it.

Well done, Kyoto-ites of 2015! And congradulations!

Sources: Twitter via Kinisoku, Hamster Sokuhou, My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter (1, 2), edited by RocketNews24