We now interrupt our regular stream of parliamentary coverage to bring word of a troubling development among cats in Japan. Although it has occurred before, in recent months there has been a trend among cats to sit in positions unbecoming the felis catus species.

Either that or recently there is a trend among cat owners to post pictures of them sitting strangely on Twitter. Whatever the case, it’s here and it’s happening, so get an eyeful of all this late-breaking cuteness. Your life may depend on it.

The first wave of strange sitting cats break with convention by spreading their front paws outside of their hind legs rather than the reverse situation that we’re accustomed to.

https://twitter.com/_neko_hokuro_/status/571893047459377152 https://twitter.com/nekogazou/status/577851191075323904

Combined with just the right kind of vacant stare, the effect can be very unsettling while trying to enjoy some television.

And then there are some cats that just can’t quite get it.

A lot of the photos posted just appear to catch a cat mid-cleaning session to make it look like they’re lounging extra hard.


One breed of cat well-known for such sitting antics is the Scottish Fold. This is partly because they have a genetic condition which causes weaker cartilage, hence the floppy ears. Although this makes them extremely cute, it can also lead to other bone and joint problems, so make you to get your cats examined regularly! Especially if you find them sitting like these guys.


▼ “O-ho!”

▼ This big guy looks like he lost all his bones.

And finally, we have the cats that have legs and know how to use them. When the camera is on they just soak it in and vogue!

https://twitter.com/kbm_1001/status/575665258007654400 https://twitter.com/ikimiwaaa_221/status/571275996512415747

 ▼ A little Vaseline on the lens can do wonders during a photo shoot.

https://twitter.com/mayotyan15sai/status/568680914751848448 https://twitter.com/nekoarua/status/580582369763131392

Experts are uncertain why cats in Japan have taken to these new positions, because they’re too busy going “d’awwww,” but we’ll keep you updated if further information comes to light. We’ll now return to our coverage of negotiations between the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and Asian Development Bank.

Source: Twitter, Naver Matome (Japanese)