It’s no secret that here at RocketNews24 we are pretty big fans of vending machine toys. One the few capsule toys that’s broken out of the vending machine is Cup no Fuchiko. The adorable, demure little plastic lady who sits on the edge of your cup took Japan by storm two years ago, and can now be found in department and gift stores across the country.

You might be forgiven for thinking that this new little-girl version, named Cup no Kado no Gurimi-chan, was an official product from the makers of Fuchiko. Until you notice their tagline: “Don’t sue us!!”…

Yep, Gurimi-chan is pretty weird, in all kinds of ways.

For comparison, here’s Fuchiko, from by manga artist Katsuki Tanaka and capsule toy maker Kitan Club:


And…here’s Cup no Kado no Gurimi-chan (“Gurimi on the edge of the cup”), from temtimetoys:

▼ “Please, don’t sue us!” say the makers. “Going one step further than Fuchiko, it’s Gurimi-chan, the girl on the edge!”

Turns out, the kiddy version of Fuchiko is the brainchild of manga artist Keiichi Tanaka, who posted these even more awkward designs for Gurimi-chan headphone jacks last year.

▼ “She’s a lively fourth-grader!” apparently…

Well, Gurimi-chan is now no longer just a parody, as temtimetoys has made the perching little girl a reality, yours to own for a mere 500 yen (US$4.20). How bizarre!

But as you’re scratching your heads confusedly, remember the golden rule of weird stuff from Japan: If it looks crazy to you, most Japanese people probably think it’s nuts too.

Source: YomerumoRakuten
Featured image: Twitter