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Everybody loves a man in a uniform – a fact that was clearly evident at the Tokyo Boys Collection fashion and entertainment event held on March 12 when members of the Japanese Self-Defense Force (JSDF) took to the catwalk to support relief efforts for the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The JSDF have already played a significant role in the recovery process, with search and rescue teams scouring areas most affected in 2011 and cleanup crews working tirelessly to bring the region back to a semblance of normalcy. But with the theme of “The Japanese Spirit that Enchants the World” to guide them, they were given a chance to get a little recognition for their handsome good looks.

The Tokyo Boys Collection is a fashion and music event which celebrates male fashion with celebrities who are involved with TV, movies, theater, magazines, and other media. At the 6th Tokyo Boys Collection, attendees were treated to a visit from some special guests, the real life heroes from the Japanese Self-Defense Force.

In support of the Great East Japan Earthquake, numerous members came dressed in various uniforms to show off the fashion and pride of the Self-Defense Forces.

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While not as famous as other armies around the world, the JSDF is still a proud part of the Japanese identity. They hope that participating in these kinds of events will raise their profile, especially in the eyes of the nation’s youth.

▼”There aren’t many people who see what we do in this job. I think it’s good to do some PR for the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force and introduce us to the people of Japan.”

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▼”We are actually walking in front of people, which is very nerve-racking. But we are walking in these clothes hoping that people will understand more about the JSDF and JMSDF. Also we hope that any if there are any young people who are interested in what we do, they’ll apply.”

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The Japanese military uniform is so ingrained into Japanese society; you can just look at the sailor uniforms worn by many junior high school and high school students as evidence. There are also many people whose hobby is to dress up in military clothes. But sometimes it’s nice to see and appreciate the men who have chosen the JSDF as their career put on a little show. With that said, let’s not forget that there are many women in the JSDF as well. Hopefully we will be seeing them soon at a newly revived Tokyo Girls Collection!

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Source: YouTube (jmsdfmsopao) via Toychan
Images: YouTube (jmsdfmsopao)