Despite working a boring office job and having lived in Tokyo for long enough that not even schoolgirl uniforms, random cosplayers or the neon wash of Kabukicho really give me pause anymore, there are still moments when I look around at all the futuristic bizarreness and think, Is this real life? Or am I living in the dystopian anime world of Akira?

Maybe it’s the abnormally tall buildings, the dingy arcades that look like they’re right out of that early Akira scene. Maybe it’s the male hosts with their impeccable dress and gravity-defying hair, or the life-size, moving Gundam of Odaiba. Or maybe it’s because every once in a while a vehicle like this new electric motorcycle will come roaring down the street like its giving chase to an escaped Replicant or something.


This is the appropriately sci-fi looking zecOO from Znug Design, and it can apparently reach a top speed of around 75 mph; not fast by motorcycle standards, but when you’re straddling the two enormous wheels of a crotch rocket this cool, speed somehow doesn’t matter as much. Besides, 75 mph is plenty fast enough to make you fear for your life on the taxi-packed streets of Tokyo.

One of only a handful of electric motorcycles that break from classic motorcycle design, the zecOO’s aesthetic is pretty clearly inspired – at least in part – by Japan’s future-fantasy pop cultural works. It sits low to the ground and features a bizarre-looking hub-center steering system that more resembles tank controls than a standard cycle’s handlebars. It runs on a lithium battery and falls into the 250cc range, meaning it fits into Japan’s chu-gata category of motorcycle and can be operated with a standard license in spite of its ferocious appearance.

The only drawback is the price tag, which sits at a cool 8,880,000 yen (about US$70,000). We’re pretty sure the events of Akira will have long since become a reality by the time we save up that much scratch.






Source: Gizmodo Japan
Photos: Official homepage