When was the last time you were asked to catch purin, Japanese-style pudding, in your mouth after it was dropped from the fourth floor of a building?

The skill of pudding-catching is probably a useful one for comedians, entertainers, and just plain wacky people in general, but if you’re of a more mainstream mentality, you’ve probably not tried this sort of thing before. But no worries, because a trio of Japanese YouTube personalities who delight in all manner of ridiculous antics have got you covered! Even if you can’t understand Japanese, you’ll still be amused by their infectious enthusiasm and amateur filming techniques.

Feel free to watch the video in its entirety first, or scroll down for a play-by-play description of events.

“Shut up shut up shut up! The window’s open,” is how the video for the 2014 pudding catch battle begins. We can already tell that we’re on track for one wild ride…

▼ Our excitable hosts for the challenge: Rokumen, Tomikku, and Tomitomi J


After some self introductions, it’s time to clue their viewers in to their latest challenge: a contest to see who can “catch” a cup of pudding dropped from the fourth floor with the most precision. “It’s not just any pudding,” one of them goes on to say. “It’s Pucchin pudding,” which is a popular brand in Japan, but as the on-screen comment explains, this particular cup has expired.


▼ And here’s that same cup dumped into a pot for dropping.


To get the ball rolling, the three play a blatantly rigged game of janken (Rock-Paper-Scissors) to decide who should try catching the pudding first. Tomitomi J makes it very obvious that he wants Tomikku to go last. Hmm, what is he up to…?

In any case, the boys move outside and prepare for the main event:

▼ Rokumen, our first challenger, gets into position.


▼ Ready, set…bombs away!


▼ The moment of impact! FATALITY.


▼ “Ow ow oww” is all he can say…


Well, he “caught” it squarely on his face, but it doesn’t seem like a whole lot landed in his mouth. Will our next challenger, Tomitomi J, fare any better?

…Nope, not really:


Now, things get a little interesting as Tomitomi J lets us in on a little secret. As a practical joke, he’s going to drop an extra large-sized pudding for Tomikku!

 ▼ Tomitomi J and the ore no don purin


Evidently Tomikku senses something suspicious is going on, so he lets his friends know that he’ll get mad if they drop something else besides pudding.

And then we have the drop! Going down…down…SPLAT.

▼ The splattered pudding and Tomikku’s look of incredulousness.


The video cuts out after a single word flashes on screen: anger. 

We suppose there were no clear winners for, but maybe the boys’ll try again someday!

▼ In case you were wondering, the trio cleaned up their mess afterwards. In fact, the ground looked even cleaner than before!


Source/Images: YouTube (Hajimeshacho)