If you’re one of the people who already finds the whole concept of itasha creepy, then you’re about to get a whole lot more skeeved out. But if you enjoy borderline-inappropriate pictures of anime girls, then you’ll probably enjoy these automobile images. (Possibly NSFW)

For anyone not up to speed with their otaku lingo, an itasha is basically a car pimped out with anime designs painted all over it, either by fans or by companies themselves to promote their anime, video games, and so on. You’ll often see them at anime events or driving around Akihabara, with fans and bemused passers-by stopping to take photos. The name comes from the amalgamation of itai (痛い painful) and sha (車 car).

Otaku love itasha, and nowadays there are whole conventions where people can show their customizations off to other fans. They’re mostly decorated with doe-eyed anime girls; after all who wouldn’t want a ride inside their favourite waifu?

And when the car gets a little dirty from all the activity, of course it needs to be lovingly cleaned…

[tweet https://twitter.com/bonta_itasya/status/525780123270668288 align=center]

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Why have these photos had so many shares and retweets? It’s just because people like to see others taking good care of their itasha, right? There’s nothing more to be seen in these images of lovely anime ladies covered in cloudy liquid, is there? Of course not, and if you think there is, you’re a dirty perv!

Source: Twitter via news.gamme.com.tw
Feature Image: Twitter via news.gamme.com.tw