Oh, the teenage years; raging hormones, confused identities, and the endless search for that special someone. One Japanese high school girl seemed to not only find herself a boyfriend, but also documented their relationship via a cutesy array of pictures posted on Twitter. Apparently, people love seeing young love blossom, but wait a second, things are not quite as they seem! 

We have to hand it to Twitter user Ayuki (a.k.a. @a_snow227). She posted some cute pictures. Really, they are adorable, and we imagine they’d make more than a few people long for those days of innocent and fleeting high school romances.

▼ She writes: “I finally found ‘school love.’ It really feels like I’m a teenager.”

[tweet https://twitter.com/a_snow227/status/580709775660310528 align=center]

Most took the phrase “school love” to mean she found a boyfriend at her school. Isn’t that sweet? Now they can do things together all day long, like draw hearts on the chalkboard, hold hands in the hallway, kiss at the bottom of the staircase, and even do a kabe-don in the classroom. Every schoolgirls’ dream, right?

The adorable post erupted, being retweeted nearly 23,000 times and favorited over 12,000 times. People were eating this stuff up.

“Aw, I’m jealous.”
“How lucky!”

If you’re thinking, “Man, RocketNews24, this article is really lame, who cares about a high school girl and her first boyfriend,” hold your horses, there’s more to the story!

One minute after posting these lovey-dovey pictures, she revealed a very unexpected secret:

▼ “And my ‘school love’ is with myself (∵)”

[tweet https://twitter.com/a_snow227/status/580710039867920386 align=center]

Hold on, what?! What about her charming boyfriend who kabe-dons her in the classroom?

Oh, him? He’s nonexistent. Apparently, Ayuki and her photographer friend (not photographer boyfriend) are just fun-loving, creative, and single, high school girls after all. Let’s take a closer look at the pictures:

▼ All she really needed was a boy’s uniform and some clever angles.

While the articles of clothing are probably just the borrowed belongings of a male classmate, we have to wonder about the guy who was helpful enough to loan out his pants and shoes…future boyfriend, maybe?

▼ This just proves that she doesn’t need a boy to feel the love.


As you can imagine, this second, behind-the-scenes set of photos got an even bigger response on the Internet, being retweeted nearly 30,000 times and favorited 21,000 times.

The comments, however, ranged from disgust to borderline confessions of love from commenters themselves.

“How sad…”
“I hate this.”
“Sad world.”
“I feel deceived.”

“This is pretty charming!”
“Phew! There are still wholesome Japanese kids out there.”
“She’s got talent!”
“This must have been fun to make!”

“I want to marry this kind of foolish girl.”
“What a waste. I have a seat open next to me…”

Clearly, the boys in her school don’t know what they’re missing, because based on the response from the Internet, she should have suitors lining up at the door. But, as a few commenters also mentioned, with a good friend like the photographer to have fun with, she’s not really all that alone.

After seeing the “making of” pictures, if you go back to the originals you can kind of tell that it’s a one-person gig, especially the kabe-don picture. However, without knowing, who would have ever guessed? We’re very impressed with her camera tricks, but we’d be even more amazed if she could somehow figure out how to do a single person sode-kuru.

Source: Twitter (@a_snow227 1, 2) via Hamusoku
Images: Twitter (@a_snow227 1, 2)