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Crane games, AKA claw games or even “UFO catchers” if you’re in Japan, have always been a bit of a con. This much we know already. They’re designed so that the claws exert barely enough force to grip the trinkets we’re so lusting after, and the prizes are usually worth much less than it costs to actually win one of them to begin with. Even so, they’re great fun, and Japan’s arcades are chock-full of them, luring us in with their various exciting, and sometimes not-so-exciting prizes.

But this particular crane game, which asks arcade goers to attempt to pick up a what appear to be miniature moe-style figurines, is not so much tricky as plain lazy.

Shared on Twitter earlier this week, this video of one of the most shamelessly bad crane games we’ve ever witnessed has already been shared thousands of times. When you see it for yourself, you’ll understand why.

Seriously, Japan, you’re not even trying any more, are you? This is like the crane game equivalent of a coconut shy owner nailing the coconuts onto their posts right in front of you and then flipping you off as he hands you a ball.

Source: Twitter via Hachima Kikou
Feature image: Twitter edited by RocketNews24