For most pet owners, our pets are our children. We love doting on them and spoiling them just as much as (or perhaps even more than) any other parent does their child. In Japan in particular, it’s not unusual at all to see people pushing their precious pups around in dog strollers, or to find stores completely dedicated to cute clothes and accessories for feline and canine fur babies alike.

For those feeling a bit more creative, however, there have also been some trends for do-it-yourself fashion for cats and dogs which we’ve shared with you before. Today, we bring you the latest “in” DIY fashion item trending on Twitter: the scrunchie!

– Before we take a look at the pics Twitter users in Japan have been sharing recently, we should take a moment to stress that, if your pet is patient enough to let you try this, be sure to use only a loose, large-size scrunchie. Never put anything around your pet that would cause them discomfort or put them in danger, even for a second.  –

With that out of the way, on to the fabulous felines!

With this one simple item, Japanese pet owners have been creating a number of different looks for many different occasions, such as “The Lion”:

[tweet align=center] [tweet align=center]

For those formal events, some cat owner may want a more regal look, in which case scrunchies can serve as an Elizabethan ruff.

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Don’t worry, cats aren’t the only ones in on the fun.

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For a casual, playful look, your canine friends can throw those ears back in a doggy-tail.

[tweet align=center] [tweet align=center]

Bunny-tails are all the rage this season for our rabbit-y friends.

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Other small pets aren’t left out of this fashion trend either- why not try a collar for your ferret…

[tweet align=center]

A tutu for your hedgehog…

[tweet align=center]

Or even a magnificent mane for your hamster…

[tweet align=center]

…or your bearded dragon.

[tweet align=center] [tweet align=center]

Styles and fashion trends come and go in the blink of an eye, but since it’s likely you already have a scrunchie lying around somewhere in your house, you can rest easy knowing that you haven’t spent a fortune on a trend that will go out of style in the next season.

Source: NAVER Matome
Featured image: Twitter @gb_kenji