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Compared to many other countries, Japan still has a very high percentage of smokers. The habit is so prevalent that even in cosmopolitan Tokyo many restaurants allow customers to smoke anywhere on the premises, and despite repeated pleas to refrain from smoking and walking to show consideration towards non-smoking pedestrians, many can’t be bothered to wait until arriving at their destination before puffing away.

But if health concerns and etiquette complaints aren’t motivation enough to quit, perhaps the results of a recent poll will help, as it showed many Japanese women will immediately remove a guy who smokes from their potential dating pool.

As in many nations, Japan’s proportion of smokers is higher among men than women. In the survey, 329 adult women, who are not smokers, were asked if they could see themselves dating a guy who smokes. The vast majority, 73.6 percent, said no, they could not.

While the negative health effects were definitely one reason for the blanket rejection, they weren’t the only one, as some women cited turn-offs that had nothing to do with the condition of a guy’s cardiovascular system.

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“I hate the smell, so I hate being near a guy who smokes.”
“It would make kissing him taste bad.”
“It stinks, and it’s bad for your skin and health.”
“It wouldn’t be good for my heatlh, either.”

Even respondents who could stomach having a boyfriend who smokes didn’t seem particularly happy about the prospect, with many referring to the habit as a negative and something they still wouldn’t want to be exposed to.

“If he had good manners and smoked in a designated area, it wouldn’t be a problem.”
“As long as he wasn’t a heavy smoker and didn’t smoke in front of me, it would be OK.”
“I’d want him to quit, but it wouldn’t be a reason not to date him.”
“If I fell in love with a guy who smokes, there wouldn’t be anything I could do about it!”

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Smokers have even more of an uphill battle should the relationship get serious. When asked if they could marry a guy who smokes, the same survey group turned in even more lopsided numbers. Only 21 percent said they could, with the other 79 saying they had no intention of playing any part in putting a ring on some dude’s tobacco-stained fingers.

“It’d be OK while we were dating, but since it’s not good for you, if we were going to get married I’d want him to quit.”
“I wouldn’t want to live with someone who smokes in the home. It’d affect our kids’ health.”
“It’s a waste of money.”
“We’d be spending more time together, and I think it’d make the house smell like smoke.”
“I couldn’t handle being with someone who reeks all the time.”

In other words, with these women, lighting up is the surest way to get shot down.

Source: Excite News via Jin
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