The much-hyped PlayStation 4 title Bloodborne has finally hit the stores and the overwhelming reaction has been that it’s bloody hard, and incredibly addictive. But what do gamers make of the less-talked-about player-versus-player mode?

Gamers have been livestreaming or uploading their playthroughs of Bloodborne to YouTube this week and, unlike a certain other title released very recently, FromSoftware’s blood-splattered romp clearly offers many, many hours of gameplay. Developed by Japanese studio responsible for the Dark Souls games, Bloodborne offers challenging combat and role-playing elements in a gorgeous gothic environment.

Details of the online modes were only made clear in early March, with Sony announcing that there would be both a co-op mode as well as PvP (player versus player) which would consist of one-on-one matches in set areas. The official website describes PvP gameplay in the following terms:

Hunters don’t always have to work together. Versus PvP allows players to face off against one another in combat, using their various weapons and accrued skill to best each other by invading another player’s game. In the below outline, the player that gets invaded is the “Host” and the invader is the “guest.” Also note that in certain areas within the game, there can be up to two invaders within a host’s game.

Versus Play Rules
When a host is in an area where a “bell-ringer woman” is present, Versus PvP invasions are possible.

Initiating Versus play <Random Invasion>
1 Guest uses the Sinister Resonant Bell item
2 Host begins cooperative play, or uses Sinister Resonant Bell to summon the bell-ringer woman
3 Guest is transported to host’s game
4 Host and guest play in Host’s game

Versus Play Completion
If the guest is able to defeat the host, s/he will receive a reward and be returned to his/her game/world.

Versus Play Incompletion
If the guest dies, or the host makes it to the boss fight area, or if the guest chooses to use the Silencing Blank item, the guest is returned to his/her own game without receiving a reward for completing the versus play session.

So far reception of the PvP play hasn’t been as positive as for the single player game, with many players criticizing the healing system for being too fast. However it’s still only been a few days since release, so there’s still plenty of time for other people to chime in and for opinions to change.

You can check out some PvP gameplay footage for yourself in the videos below.


I haven’t had a chance to play the game for myself yet, but after watching other people’s playthroughs I’m wondering if my blood pressure can really handle it. Have you been playing Bloodborne? What do you think of it? Is the combat brutal and fun, or boring and rage-inducing? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: YouTube via Hachima Kikou, Bloodborne Official Website
Header Image: Bloodborne Official Website