Lots of people treat their cats like kids, really. They give them human names like Molly, Charlie and Pikachu, buy them birthday and Christmas presents, and consider them one of the family.

The problem with treating your cats like children, though, is that sometimes they’ll start to act like them…

That’s what we discovered on Twitter this week, thanks to Osaka-based cat owner @williamkento, who bought his two feline friends this new play tunnel. They seemed excited, he says, and leapt straight in to play…by using the box as a tunnel instead.

▼ D’oh! At least the kitty is enjoying it, though?

It seems @williamkento isn’t the only Japanese netizen to have noticed the truth in the old saying that you give a kid a toy, and they’d rather play with the cardboard it came in.

▼ Did I say “kid”…?

20140616_4_1via Twitter

So next time you’re tempted by a new and exciting toy for your kitty, remember: cats just like boxes, okay?

▼ And we humanoids need to deal with that.

Source: togech
Featured image: Twitter/williamkento (edited by RocketNews24)