With the release of the new Dragon Ball movie now less than a month away, the popular manga/anime series has had quite bit of exposure on the Japanese Internet recently. One related product that’s getting a lot of attention is a figure of Yamcha, one of Goku’s rivals- turned-friends.

But this particular figure doesn’t have the look of your typical toy. As a matter of fact, it shows Yamcha in quite a pitiful state. Nonetheless, fans seems to be getting a huge kick out of it, and one fan has even tweeted an easy way to create a realistic diorama scene with the figure using quite an unexpected item — apple pie!

Dragon Ball fans have often spoken about the “hyper inflation” of the strength of the characters in the series — you know, how the fighting power of the main characters seems to grow at an ever-accelerating rate as the story progresses. Looking at the battles in the latter half of the series, it’s hard to believe that characters like Krillin and Yamcha were, early in the story, portrayed as worthy rivals to protagonist Goku.

Ahh… yes, good old Yamcha! In the beginning, he even had his very own cool-sounding signature combat technique, the  “Wolf Fang Fist,” but by roughly halfway through the Dragon Ball comic saga, with the introduction of the powerful race of Saiyan warriors, Yamcha was unfortunately on his way to becoming a negligible force in terms of fighting power.

This is perhaps best evidenced by the fact that one of Yamcha’s most memorable scenes in the entire series is that of him lying crumpled and dead after falling victim to a suicide attack by one of the Saibamen, creatures controlled and used as living weapons by the Saiyans to fight for them.

And that’s exactly the pose toy manufacturer Bandai has recreated with their new Yamcha figure.

▼ The figure is currently available for pre-order on the Premium Bandai site at a price of 3,200 yen excluding tax (US$26.85) for delivery in September this year. The price was set in honor of Yamcha’s birthday, March 20.

figure 2

But twitter user @kntm apparently felt that the figure alone didn’t quite complete the picture. In the manga and anime, Yamcha is shown lying at the center of a shallow crater created in the ground from the Saibaman’s self-destructing blast, and @kntm discovered that placing the figure on top of an apple pie comes quite close to recreating the general look of the scene!

▼ See the comparison yourself in @kntm’s tweet below! The message says “The Yamcha figure doesn’t come with any diorama parts or decorations, but you can almost perfectly recreate the scene with just a regular store-purchased apple pie.”


Well, that’s certainly a creative way to complete a diorama! Although you would need to find an apple pie with just the right shape, we have to admit it actually does approximate the original scene to a surprising degree. We guess the only problem with this apple pie diorama is that the base won’t last very long (because the pie is destined to either get eaten or go bad).

Hmm … maybe the sweet pie will help Yamcha rest in peace.  Thanks @kntm, for sharing such an entertaining idea with us!

Source: Twitter (@kntm), Premium Bandai website, Byokan Sunday
Photos: Premium Bandai website