Cats are generally known for being the quieter choice of pet compared to dogs, but anyone with a talkative cat will tell you – it’s hard to shut them up once they’ve started chatting. Some cats just enjoy the sound of their own voice, while others like to talk to their owners for reassurance. Nevertheless, it seems that cats only ever tend to say the single word “meow” or some variation of it, which can mean anything from “Feed me!” to “Your hair looks stupid today, hoomin.”

In Japan, cats don’t meow, they say nya or nyan and this new kitty commercial from cellphone company au attempts to depict a “realistic”  feline conversation, with pretty adorable results.

As you can see in the video below, the basic premise of the commercial revolves around a bunch of cats eating dinner together  at a fancy restaurant while discussing the merits of the “au WALLET” mobile payment system.

Some of the kitties require a little convincing to come around to the idea, while others are just too busy scoffing sardines to contribute much to the conversation!

As adorable as the kitties are, the constant repetition of ‘nya‘ in this commercial got a little grating towards the end, although the mimicking of Japanese intonation is pretty spot on. It’s got us wondering what a kitty conversation would sound like in different countries.

Images: YouTube – au
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