From hyperactive pear fairies to gross mushrooms, it seems that Japanese consumers have an appreciation for the unusual. Of course, it can be hard to predict exactly what will win hearts and minds, but that won’t stop people from trying to kickstart the newest craze.

Kadokawa, a publishing company among other things, Zarigani Works, a toy and merchandise production company, and Holbein, an arts materials company, have teamed up to turn classical statues into the latest hot items. They still haven’t revealed all the items they’ll be producing and it remains to be seen just how many people actually want products with Hermes’s statuesque face emblazoned on it, but you can’t blame them for trying!

Meet the Sekko Boys, or “Plaster Boys,” if translated literally, the faces of Kadokawa’s newest goods lineup. As you can see in the tweet above, the company has tapped into the deep history of Europe to find the most beautiful men possible!

▼ They even have the four gents performing! Kind of…

While you may find the idea of replicas of ancient statues as heartthrobs absurd at best, we’d like to remind you that virtual idol Hatsune Miku exists. She is arguably more popular than most flesh-and-blood idols at this point (and although she can probably sing better than Mars)!

The lineup of Sekko Boys is somewhat more diverse than you might expect, though we were sad to see Socrates didn’t make the cute. Maybe his beard didn’t test well with potential audiences.

You can see the full lineup, which consists of Mars, Medici, Hermes, and Saint George, in the video below

The video doesn’t actually mention what goods or merchandise will be available, only that we should prepare to empty our wallets come April. However, their official Facebook page has photos of buttons that have been prepared with the faces of the four Sekko Boys. We have to say that anyone whose profile includes “God of War” has a clear advantage over the others though…

There will be other products available as well. In the photo below, which was taken at JAWA-SHOW, an industry-only event for retailers and distributors, you can see books, postcards, and a number of other items. It’s not clear if you’ll be able to buy actual busts, but they might be decent replacements for boyfriend pillows.

So far, the online reaction seems to be pretty favorable.

“The Sekko Boys are amazing. It’s actually kind of surprising.”
“I can’t help wondering if the Sekko Boys are supposed to be considered ‘foreign media personalities.'”
“Sekko Boys?! I want to collect some of the Medichi items.”
“It’s inevitable that I’m going to get hooked on the Sekko Boys. Stop it, please!”

Well, we’re not sure how we feel about these plaster boys yet. Maybe if they had used Mr. Sato, we could get behind this more. Come on! He’d look great as a statue!

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Images: Facebook (Sekko Boys)