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Even though the manga that started it all ended last November, there’s been no shortage of things for fans of ninja franchise Naruto to enjoy since then. In addition to new episodes of the continuing TV anime adaptation, there’s been an animated movie and stage show, and you’d better believe plenty of people are looking forward to the upcoming Naruto Exhibition at art museums in Tokyo and Osaka.

Even if you’re of the mind that all the related events in the world can’t take the place of new comic content, there’s good news, as publisher Shueisha has announced a new, bonus installment of Naruto manga as it gears up for a shift in its anime focus.

According to the most recent issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, the comic anthology that was home to the Naruto manga for 15 years, creator Masashi Kishimoto is once again picking up his pen. This stint doesn’t look like it’ll be as long as his last one, though.

Shueisha says that Kishimoto is drawing a “short-term serialization” which will run in the double-issue of Weekly Shonen Jump that goes on sale April 27. The special edition is listed as both volumes 22 and 23 of the magazine, so it’s unclear whether the new installment will be one continuous chapter or broken into two sections that appear in different parts of the publication.

What we do know, though, is the title, Naruto Gaiden–Shichidaime Haori to Hiiro no Hana no Tsuki, or Naruto Side Story-The Seventh Haori and the Scarlet Moon.

▼ An image of series protagonist Naruto from the new manga chapter

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Artwork released ahead of the issue’s release seem to point to Naruto’s son Boruto, as well as rival Sasuke’s daughter Sarada, playing important roles.

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Unfortunately, it looks like the Naruto Side Story is only sticking around for the single double-issue of Jump. You could speculate that its incredibly short run is just long enough to whet fans’ appetites for more ninja adventures without actually satisfying that craving, and you’re probably right.

But even that cloud has a silver lining. The newest issue of the magazine also mentions that a new Naruto anime, with Boruto as the main character, will premier in August.

▼ And if you’re looking for something to do while you’re waiting until then, there are 700 existing chapters of Naruto you could reread.

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