Depending on who you ask, your wedding may be one of the most important days of your life, up there with the birth of your children and the first time you watch Breaking Bad. As such, it makes sense that the ceremony to incorporate at least a few of the things you love!

And if you’re in charge of Thai Toku, a group of cosplayers in Thailand, we’re guessing you have no choice but to fill the crowd with more heroes than an Avengers movie.


Loucipher, the handsome gentleman without a costume in the photo above, apparently got married earlier this month. And while we’re sure that Thai weddings are lovely events, we also probably wouldn’t be talking about it if not for the photos he posted on Pantip showing off some of his guests.

▼Someone better keep an eye on that minion!


In addition to the three Spider-men (Spider-mans? Spiders-man?), Loucipher got moral support from the Flash, Captain America, Iron Man, Superman, the Green Lantern, and…one more superhero that we can’t identify. Who is that guy in the black suit with the red gloves?!


As you might expect when superheroes show up at your wedding, they tend to steal the spotlight. Though the sheer number of heroes is perhaps what’s most surprising. On the other hand, we suppose you have an obligation to show up when your fearless leader gets married!

▼We’re a little bummed Loucipher wasn’t in a superhero costume himself…


Fortunately, it looks the heroes didn’t have to fight any villains. In most of the shots, they’re just standing around looking pretty…though we have to admit that they are very good at filling that role!


Unfortunately, we’re not sure how Loucipher’s family reacted to seeing more Spider-men in one place than the clone saga, but we’re guessing they appreciated the extra security.

▼Loucipher doing his best Tony Stark impression.


▼The happy couple and their posse of future babysitters.


In addition to more spandex than an 80s hair metal band, the couple also apparently cut the cake with a light saber! No word on if she used the force to smash a piece into his face, but we can hope.


There’s also a video of some of the cosplay members goofing around. Apparently the trick to fitting into a spandex superhero suit is…safety pins?

Here are a few more photos for all of you planning your wedding ceremony right now. It’s a tall order, but these are the guys you have to top!


▼There’s going to be so much webbing to clean up.



▼We really want to know who brought a minion to a superhero fight.
Because they win all the Internet points.


▼This photo totally deserves a caption contest.


The wedding was apparently held on March 22 in Saraburi Province. Congratulations to the couple and a round of applause for all the cosplayers for finally managing to give us a reason to care about wedding photos!

Sources: Pantip, Coconuts Bangkok
Images: Pantip