Pandas have such a cute and innocent image. All they seem to do is sit around, eating bamboo and being adorable. (When they’re not beating the stuffing out of each other in panda Fight Club, that is). Recently at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, sneaky crows have been documented abusing the panda’s easy-going nature by harvesting their fur to take home to line their nests!

Check out these adorable (and kinda of sad) pics and videos of a hapless panda being shamelessly robbed of its fur!

In the first video, the panda is snoozing away blissfully unaware of the fur-harvesting operation being undertaken by a greedy crow.

In the second video, however, the panda is fully awake and barely notices the crows nomming on its back fur. It’s too busy scoffing bamboo.

While  a lot of netizens expressed concern for the panda’s welfare, we have to admit that it doesn’t really look all that bothered by the crows at all. Now that’s one easy-going panda!


Source: Karapaia @ Livedoor
Images: Screenshot/gif via YouTube