Handshake events – meet-and greets which give members of the public the chance to meet their idols in person, however briefly – are hugely popular in Japan. But they aren’t just for trembling super-fans of button-cute pop stars to get a chance to caress the digits of their favourite singers. No, kids are also regulars at handshake events featuring their TV and video game idols. (Okay, so it’s just some guy in a suit, but don’t tell the kids that, you monster!)

But something very weird, not to mention awkward, happened at a recent Dragon Ball Z handshake event when series villain Frieza came face to face with his own, um, face when an adult fan showed up in a matching costume. Friezeception!

The costumed doppelganger lined up along with the kiddies for a chance to shake hands with the “real” Frieza, and in the process caused a huge furore in the crowd. By the end of the day, Doppel-Frieza had become the unlikely star of the show, completely stealing the “real” character’s thunder.

▼ The moment “Real”-Frieza spots Doppel-Frieza.

▼ And here’s the video of it! “Real”-Frieza’s reaction is priceless!

▲ “Frieza came to the handshake event with Frieza.”

Doppel-Frieza later unveiled himself on Twitter as user Tokoroten-poo, who gushed about his moment in the limelight:

▲ “I took photographs with over 300 people today!”

▲ “Loads of people confused me with the real Frieza! People said they saw me on YouTube and the staff even asked me if I was the official Frieza for the day!”

We’re certainly glad that Doppel-Frieza enjoyed himself, but we can’t help thinking that he was milking it somewhat. Japan’s netizens were similarly unimpressed:

“Someone arrest that fake!”

“He only went in costume to get attention that he didn’t deserve.”

“The real Frieza’s costume sucked just as badly.”

“The real Frieza’s tail and feet are just embarrassing. Upstaged by an amateur!”

“I want to see them battle to see who’s No. 1…”

Would you ever consider dressing up in an amusing costume to get attention?

Source: Jin 115
Image: Twitter @Tokoroten_poo