If you’re a man and you someday find yourself eating at a restaurant in Shanxi Province, northern China, be very careful about going to the bathroom, because you never know who–or what–is watching you! 

NOTE: As you can probably discern from the title, this article contains some images that may be NSFW.

According to Chinese news portal Shanghaiist, a restaurant in Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi, has a rather unusual “art installation” in its men’s bathroom. Gracing a transparent glass case display located behind the urinals is a trio of scantily-clad female mannequins sporting wigs and staring straight ahead at perfect human eye-level.

Reports say that numerous men enter the bathroom only to exit in bewilderment upon encountering the strange spectacle, thinking that they’ve walked into the wrong room by mistake. Other unperturbed individuals continue to go about their business, apparently unconcerned that a female likeness is staring them down the entire time.

Here are pictures from the indescribably awkward setup:


▼ We’ve really only got one question: “WHY!?”


▼ What’s the point of the mannequins in the first place, let alone their sexy getups?


▼ Would you be able to pee in this particular environment?


How about you, Rocketeers? Would you be unfazed enough to go about your business here if nature calls?

Source: Shanghaiist
Images: News.163