The popular anime series Love Live has won itself diehard fans, both within Japan and throughout the world. You might remember the subway cars in Shanghai last year decorated with Love Live idols that literally brought fans to their knees. Well, Chinese fans are at it again, as the idols have made a reappearance on subway cars in the city of Chongqing.

One commuter, however, seemed to have had enough of the homage-paying fans as he rained his watery wrath down over their heads.

The subway train set off on the morning of March 29 as planned. As was to be expected, Love Live fans were present just as they were last time, so filled with awe and reverence for their 2-D idols that they bowed down on their hands and knees before them, eyes to the ground.




The sight is reminiscent of what happened in Shanghai last year when the Love Live-adorned subway cars were in operation. At that time, due to safety concerns a notification was released urging fans to refrain from their ritualistic homage, but the tributes have continued regardless.



One man had apparently had enough, however, and took it upon himself to put an end to the worshipping by emptying the contents of his water bottle over a fan’s head.



Regardless of how you may feel about the over-zealous expression of their fandom, pouring water on a stranger’s head is not the nicest thing to do. Then again, seeing as the man is carrying what looks to be a sheathed katana, I guess it’s a relief he didn’t resort to more violent measures!

Source: My Game News Flash
Images: Weibo via My Game News Flash