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The expansion of the modern mobile game market has been a boon for romance games. The genre usually doesn’t require particularly powerful hardware specs, and the larger profit margins that come with purely digital distribution mean that even niche titles in what’s already a niche segment of video gaming can make money for their developers, all of which lets creators keep on creating and players keep on playing the virtual field of dating partners.

But there are two sides to every coin, and if the success of mobile romance games is the shiny penny’s unblemished face, what about its bitter, jaded backside? That’s now taken care of too, with a new game that gives players the power to make lovey dovey lovers explode, plus meet with a host of other unexpected tragedies.

Developed by Uehara Labo, the new game for iOS (here) and Android devices (here) is called Riaju Bakuhatsu Shiro!. In English, it translates to, Explode, Real Types!, with “real types” being a term used by Japan’s otaku community of hardcore fiction-based hobby enthusiasts to refer to people who actually have meaningful relationships with other humans in real life.

The player takes the role of Bocchi-kun, and once you know that his name basically means “Mr. Lonely,” you’ve probably got a good idea of what kind of person he is. Having just turned 30, Bocchi-kun has no job, friends, or girlfriend.

▼ Other things Bocchi-kun doesn’t have: hair, clothes, a nose

Bocchi-kun finally catches a break, though, when he meets a mysterious wise man who grants the depressed protagonist the power to make Real Type couples engaging in public displays of affection explode.

▼ “You’re my princess!” declares the one man not being propelled across the interior of this train car by a bursting fireball.

During the game, a wave of happy couples comes pouring down from the bottom of the screen. By tapping the pairs, you can tap into Bocchi-kun’s powers and produce date-ruining explosions. Gameplay isn’t limited to just literally detonating their relationships, however. You can also unleash special finishing moves, which will kill the mood in ways that don’t involve quite so many pyrotechnics.

For example, here Bocchi-kun and the wise man spot some young lovers about to enjoy a little between-class kabe-don action.

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The P.E. teacher, though, doesn’t see this as acceptable use of school property, it would seem.

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Or how about this couple talking a stroll through the park under the stars?

Bocchi-kun and his magical companion don’t seem to care for the way they’ve been meowing at each other in cutesy couple-talk, so they unleash this surprise.

▼ “I just love kitty cats!” squeels Black T-shirt Guy.

You can add trains and fast food restaurants to the list of places where the anti-romantic pair would rather not see proof of other people’s romantic affection for one another.

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As a matter of fact, apparently those displays of affection don’t even have to be private to get on Bocchi-kun’s nerves. Here we see Masayuki about to share an intimate moment with his girlfriend, at least until his mom bursts in with a tray of snacks (and jump kicks).

“What are you kids doing?!!”

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So wait up, Bocchi-kun and Wise Man, now you guys are saying Real Types shouldn’t get it on in the privacy of their own bedrooms even? You know, maybe it’s your own fault you two are single.

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