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Being a driving instructor has to be a scary job. After all, every day your responsibilities include climbing into the passenger seat next to someone society says hasn’t yet shown the ability to safely drive a car.

For one group of instructors though, the source of their terror wasn’t that they were stuck with a bad driver, but with one that was too good, as they fell victim to a prank of their “student” for the day being a professional drifter and racer.

Malaysia’s Max Man TV describes itself as a digital entertainment company “catering exclusively to the Manly Man,” with an emphasis on video content featuring “mixed martial arts, fast cars, sexy babes, [and] awesome weaponry.” A quick look at the company’s YouTube channel brings up an entire video series of women in low-cut shirts riding shotgun in drifting sports cars, but Max Man’s latest project puts the woman in the driver’s seat, reigns in the sexiness, and dials up the awesomeness.

The starring role this time goes to Leona Chin, who’s described in the video as a “professional motorsport athlete” and “women’s racing champion.” For this video, though, Chin ditches her racing suit and instead puts on this disarming disguise.

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Chin isn’t Max Man’s only partner in the video though, as they’re also in cahoots with a Malaysian driving school that’s breaking in a new crop of instructors. For their first day, each of the unsuspecting teachers is being assigned to evaluate Chin’s driving, without knowing that she’s anything other than an ordinary young lady still studying towards getting her license.

▼ At the 1:57 mark they find out otherwise.

Chin does a great job keeping up the ruse. When asked about the tuned Nissan Silvia sports coupe she’s pulled up in, she nonchalantly explains that it’s her brother’s car.

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Still playing the part of a nervous noobie, she pops the clutch, accelerates clumsily, and comes off as generally confused and even a bit intimidated about the whole driving process. One instructor seems frustrated at her repeated miscues working the pedals, and another gives her a reassuring pat on the arm, telling her not to be scared before imploring her to “go faster” as she timidly inches the car forward.

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As a matter of fact, Chin’s acting job is almost too effective, as we see one kindly instructor getting ready to send her back to the parking lot.

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She begs for once more chance, though, and then it’s time to show her true colors.

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The same women who, just moments before, was telling Chin not to be scared and to pick up the pace can’t even bear to look, covering her eyes and letting out a shocked, piercing scream as the pro driver shows that she probably doesn’t need any coaching in parallel parking or expressway merging, seeing as how she’s already progressed to more advanced skill sets such as power-on opposite-lock oversteer.

▼ Meanwhile, backseat passenger Rilakkuma remains stoically calm.

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After producing a few more impressively elliptical drifts and billows of tire smoke, Chin brings the car to a stop. As soon as she does, the instructors are out the door, with one exclaiming “You almost killed me!”

That’s when Max Man TV lets them in on the joke, revealing the hidden cameraman who’s been filming exterior shots the whole time.

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Truly an unforgettable way to start a new job, and even if these instructors won’t ever actually have Chin as a student, they’ll always have the memories of their time together…plus the generous parting gift of skid marks she left all over the parking lot.

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Source: Game Over
Images: YouTube