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It’s probably safe to say that no one buys tickets to a punk rock music festival because of all the posh creature comforts such events usually provide. So when attendees showed up for the final day of the Punk Spring 2015 tour at Chiba’s Makuhari Messe, we’re guessing that most of the guys who had to take a leak didn’t mind being directed to a row of outdoor urinals.

Being the kind of classy place that also regularly hosts non-punk related trade shows and technology expos, though, the Makuhari Messe staff even set up sightline-blocking curtains on the urinal booths, providing just a bit of extra privacy for their occupants. Except, looking at the curtains they chose, we’re not sure they quite understand how peeing works.

We don’t know which of the headlining acts Twitter user Mushutan Jake caught at the show. Maybe he listened to a set by visiting acts Fall Out Boy or Zebrahead. Or perhaps he’s more into the domestic scene, and instead checked out Japanese bands Man with a Mission or Knock Out Monkey.

However, we do know he saw this at Punk Spring.

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Well, you might be thinking, that certainly looks like a thankfully adequate amount of bathroom facilities. But while we’d ordinarily say you should be wary of people who say, “Look closely at this public pee receptacle,” in this case that’s exactly what we’d like you to do.

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Some bright event planner decided that modest-minded punk fans would appreciate curtains on their urinals. And we guess that’d be kind of a nice touch, provided they actually did anything to obscure the view of the parts actually involved in taking a whiz. Unless, is Punk Spring a huge draw for the specific mutant community which leaks bodily waste fluids out of their eyes and shoulder blades?

▼ Seriously, Asia, we need to sit down and have a talk about sensible urinal design (or maybe it’d be more appropriate to stand while we do it).

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But hey, if you’re the kind of guy who feels more comfortable taking his shirt off whenever he goes to the bathroom, they’ve got you covered.

Source: Hamster Sokuho
Top image: Punk Spring 2015
Insert images: Twitter via Hamster Sokuho (edited by RocketNews24)