Hello everyone! Thanks as ever for your loyal readership of RocketNews24. Today we have an exciting project that we want to share with you all, and we think it’s one that will make you very happy. Presenting: “Have your Japan wish granted by RocketNews24!

We’re sure that many of you have dreams of visiting Japan and fulfilling long-held wishes. But perhaps you haven’t quite been able to save up the cash for a plane ticket or didn’t know anyone in Japan to help you out once you got here, so you’ve been unable to realize those dreams.

If that sounds like you, then we’d like to help! If you have a wish you’d like to have granted in Japan then we invite you to enter our competition. RocketNews24 will use our funds and knowledge to make your dreams a reality here in Japan.

Join us after the jump for more details!

【Competition overview】
RocketNews24 wants to grant your wish in Japan, and share your experience with the world via our website! Seeing your Japan wish being granted will surely put a smile on the faces of many other people around the world, and perhaps even inspire them to pursue their own dreams. Let’s achieve your dream together with RocketNews24!

To apply you must:
●Be able to speak conversational English (you don’t have to be able to speak Japanese)
●Be 18 or older (please be aware that the age of majority in Japan is 20, i.e. if you are under 20 you cannot drink or smoke)
●Be willing to appear in videos and photographs for RocketNews24 articles
●Be able to stay in Japan for a minimum of 4 nights in July 2015 (at least 2 days will be spent granting your wish)
●Have a Facebook account

※You can apply by yourself or as a pair! In the case of applying as a pair, both applicants must fulfil the above criteria.

【Selection process】
First stage: Video competition

Second stage: Skype interview

Announcement of winner (one person or one pair)

(Video Competition)
●Create a video of around one minute telling us about the wish you want to have granted in Japan.  Maybe you want to eat sushi in Tsukiji, skip across the Shibuya Scramble, or experience a luxurious onsen (hot spring)? Tell us all about it in your video, upload it to YouTube, and leave the link to your YouTube video in a comment below this article. Please paste only the URL for your Japan Wish video and the words “My Japan Wish” into the comment box, as shown in the picture below. At the same time, please make sure to check the box next to “Also post on Facebook”. If you do not check this box then you may not be eligible for this competition.

Screen Shot
●Send the URL of your video in a message to RocketNews24’s English Facebook page ( too so that we can contact you later. Please paste only the URL of your YouTube video into the message as shown in the image below.

●At the start of your video you must include 1. Your name or nickname 2. Your age 3. Country of residence 4. How many times, if ever, you have previously been to Japan. Then please go on to present your wish to us however you feel fit.

▼Need inspiration? Our reporter made this example video.

●Feel free to use animation or music in your video if you want to. Your video will be judged based on both the content of your wish and how you present it. Don’t be afraid to get creative.
●Please be aware that we may show your video in a later RocketNews24 article even if you do not win.
※The deadline for video submissions is April 20th 23:59 (Pacific Standard Time).
※Those who pass the video competition stage will be contacted via the RocketNews24 Facebook account by April 30th 23:59 (Pacific Standard Time).

(Skype Interview)
●Three members of the RocketNews24 editorial staff will interview you via webcam on Skype for around 30 minutes.
●We will be looking at your personality and your enthusiasm about having your wish granted.
※The winner will be contacted in May. We will then announce the winner publicly in an article on RocketNews24.

What the winner gets:
●A return flight (round trip) from your country to Japan, paid by for RocketNews24 (in the case of a pair RocketNews24 will pay for both parties’ flights to and from Japan).
●RocketNews24 will arrange your plane tickets.
●4 nights and 5 days in a hotel paid by for RocketNews24. RocketNews24 will designate this hotel. Any additional accommodation, transportation fees, and purchases made while in Japan will be your own responsibility.

What we expect from the winner:
●You will make an enthusiastic video before leaving for Japan
●You will experience your dream here in Japan with us at RocketNews24 and allow us to film you and share it online
●After having your wish granted you will tell us your thoughts and feelings in a video
※You will be free to do your own sightseeing both before and after your wish-granting experience
※We will discuss your wish and the time it will require in greater detail during the Skype interview stage

Articles RocketNews24 will publish about the winner:
●An article before coming to Japan about your enthusiasm and expectations
●An article on how you felt when your wish was granted
●An article on your thoughts about your trip to Japan

We plan to publish a minimum of 3 articles containing photographs and video footage.

If there is time, we may also ask for you to participate in first-time experience activities like the ones below and have articles written about them. (RocketNews24 will pay for any extra experiences we may ask you to have.)
For example:
●Visiting to a maid café in Akihabara
●Experiencing the Tokyo rush hour
●Wearing a genuine kimono

If you have any questions please leave them in a comment at the foot of this post.

Thanks, and good luck! We’re looking forward to your entries!!

Top Image: Seu