Sometimes the titles just write themselves, don’t they? While this probably won’t actually infuriate any of the companies that manufacture drain cleaner, it is a pretty nifty trick for keeping your sink drain free of slime. Best of all, it’s easy and requires very little work on your part!

So, what’s the secret to keeping your drain free of that disgusting goo that inevitably forms no matter how many times you clean it?

▼ Aluminium foil!

Yep, that’s right, aluminum foil. Now, you might be thinking that we’re going to tell you to scrub everything with aluminum foil every day or maybe that you need to mix some Drano and aluminum foil, but it’s nothing that complicated (also, please don’t mix aluminum and Drano without proper adult supervision).

Instead, all you have to do is take some tin foil, scrunch it up into a small ball, drop it in you drain catcher and…that’s it. Just leave it there to chill and go about your life! When you come back in a few days, the slime should be gone.

▼ Skeptical cat is skeptical.

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Skeptical cat is skeptical.

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While this all sound very silly, Japanese Twitter users assure us that it does actually, totally work. Sadly, it looks like you will have to scrub the drain at least once though. Apparently this only works to prevent slime. However, we are assured that the metal ions from the aluminum foil will keep microbes from hanging out and starting little gooey colonies in your drain.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to test this out yet ourselves, so it might all be bunk. But what do you have to lose? You can use any old aluminum foil you might have lying around–just roll it up onto a few small balls that aren’t too tight and drop them in your drain catcher!

It’s so easy no one could mess this up. Just get your drain clean, drop is some aluminum foil balls, and when you’re done, your drain catcher should look like this!

If you end up with something like this, though, you might need to go back to step one…

▼ On the other hand, there’s no slime to be found here…

Of course, aluminum foil has plenty of other uses as well, according to This Old House, so even if your aluminum foil balls don’t keep the slime away, you can still use them to scrub down your grill. With all these nifty uses, it’s enough to make you think cooking with it might be a waste.

If you do happen to try this drain trick, be sure to let us know if it works for you. And if it turns out that aluminum foil actually turns regular slime into Teenage Mutant Ninja Slime, we want half of the royalties when you sell it to Michael Bay.

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Images: Twitter (@kipa3237)