what sorcery is this

We all have our special talents–whether you’re that really quiet person who happens to have an amazing singing voice, or you can write beautiful calligraphy with your toes, we all have that one thing that we excel at without hardly trying. It doesn’t even have to be anything particularly “useful” to be awesome. Take this person, for example, who can build incredible towers made of coins that almost seem to defy gravity.

Japanese Twitter-user @thumb_tani, self-proclaimed juggler and coin-tower builder, posted a photo of their most recent coin-tower on March 29, humbly saying, “Please take a look at my one, worthless talent.” It has since been retweeted over 22,000 times, and with good reason.

Worthless? Well, maybe. But it is no less awe-inspiring. I can’t even imagine the steady-handedness and precision required to balance those coins like that.

Thumb_tani posted another coin tower back on March 20, and while it hasn’t received as much attention, this one is even more mind-boggling.

How does it even…?

You can also watch Thumb_tani’s magic in action, though you’ll need to make a Niconico account first. (It’s seriously worth it if you haven’t already!)

Any other coin-tower builders out there? Tell us what sort of unique skill you have!

Source: Twitter @thumb_tani via Hamusoku
Featured image: Twitter